Kris Aquino Reveals That She’s Open About People Franchising Nacho Bimby Pilipinas!

Kris Aquino revealed that she’s open about people franchising nacho bimby Pilipinas find out the details here nowadays.  Kris Aquino is busy being a food entrepreneur she might not be causing much Rara now, but did you know that she has her own food business.  It’s a food cart called nacho Bembry Pilipinas and serves tortilla chips with a variety of dressings in pure ground beef according to entrepreneur Philippines Kris Aquino named her business after her second son James Yap Jr. who was publicly known as Bimby.  Bimby’s favorite snack is reportedly tex-mex cuisine which is generally a fusion of American and Mexican food that is filled with cheese meat beans and spices the first coated crisps in one of her videos on her official Facebook page where she talked about her food business it has currently garnered 66,000 views as of this writing and around 2.3 thousand likes Chris said it was an experiment and I didn’t know that it could grow into something like this neroon Paul era Kong iBank had gone since when did Kris Aquino start venturing into food business the source noted that she had been investing in several food brands as a franchisee she is a co-owner of several branches of choking where she is also a celebrity endorser she also told analysts Mangan evil and some branches of potato corner the business manager of nacho bimby filipinas Nico Celsus revealed that Chris was supposed to invest in another franchise branch of potato Corner in 2015 the queen of all media shade in a video that was uploaded on their YouTube channel the Aquino’s at don hernandez encouraged her to build her own brand instead he is her business partner by September 2015 Kris Aquino opened her first branch of potato corner + nacho bimby PC plus NB in the promenade mall in San Juan City her business partner shared it took us 18 months to perfect the business model for PC plus MB the first year it taught us how to maximize our operations we took the calculated steps and open PC plus NBA cross and mulch aims to fully assess our potential now potato corner + nacho Bambi Pilipinas has eight company owned branches in the whole of Metro Manila most of them are located in mall cinemas self assured that they decided to partner with potato corner because they want it to be as big as the established fries business as of 2015 potato Corner has around 1 billion worth of sales meanwhile nacho Bimby Pilipinas has three more additional stalls that were set up by franchisees in total it has 11 stalls in Metro Manila Sal’s is shared we have two setups a partner store is a joint venture between the mother company and franchisee on the other hand a full franchise store is 100% owned by the franchisee according to the report the brand has different store formats that range from 30 square meters to 45 square meters in size with investments ranging from 2 million Philippine pesos to 3.5 million Philippine pizzas the packages already include the construction of the branch store equipment staff training marketing support and initial inventory that may last for up to two weeks of operations franchisees may opt not to franchise potato corner and just handle nacho BIM people at Ana’s Kris Aquino said the investment is not so big so we got the ROI return on investment quickly from our experience it’s about 30 months sales have said that they aim to close 20 franchising deals at the end of 2017 in the next 12 months they also aim to open branches of potato corner + nacho bimby Pilipinas in Davao and Cebu what do you think about Kris Aquino’s food business do you want to franchise nacho Bimby Pilipinas?  Expresspay, a franchise for bills payment and remittance center franchise. Thank you for watching the video you can comment in the comment section below and share this emotional story with your family in friends