ExpressPay Inc. Advantages

Expresspay Inc. Advantages

Expresspay’s advantages had a significant impact on its phenomenal growth.

Considering the fact that Expresspay Inc. does not require cash bond and only small capital investment to start, investors can easily decide that this is a good franchise.

ExpressPay Golden Globe Award


Money Transfer

–          Lowest Rates

–          International & Domestic services

–          Multiple Channels (M. Lhuillier, Smart Padala, Door-to-Door, Branch-to-Branch, Credit to Bank Accounts, VISA Cash Card)

Bills Payment

–          One-Stop Payment Center

–          Extensive List of Billers.  Over 125 Major Billers.

Prepaid Loading

–          10 – 13% Discount for Globe, Smart and Sun e-loads

–          XPLOAD, mobile retailing system

Travel & Tours

–          Offer complete air and sea travel itineraries

Courier Service

–          Same-Day delivery with Money Back Guarantee

–          Very competitive rates




Integrated Online e-Payment System

–          One system for all services (8 – in – 1)

–          Easier to use

–          Provides real-time, detailed reports that are accessible anytime and anywhere

Single Load Wallet

–          Only One Load Wallet to maintain for all services

–          Maximizes the full earning potential of your funds

–          Easy account reconciliation for all services

Growing Service Portfolio

–          More services are expected to be added at no additional cost to you

–          More services mean better ROI

Very Low Start-up Cost

–          One-Time Setup Fee of P308K.  No Annual Fees.  No Recurring License Fees

Updated Package:

Three Year Contract Php 154K

Five YearContract  Php 210K

Lifetime Contract Php308K

–          P20K Minimum Revolving Capital

–          No Cash bond required.



Expresspay will be the preferred payment center in the community.






Service-oriented:   We are here to serve our customers and business partners.

Integrity:   We uphold the highest level of personal, corporate and social responsibility.

Continuous improvement:   We drive change to be better

Accountability:   We deliver on our promises

Teamwork:   We assist and uplift each other


ExpressPay Inc. Advantages October 20, 2015


Call, Send SMS or Email us

Smart: 0918 394 3398

Globe: 0905 244 1492

PLDT:  02 543 3070